Who Makes the Best Electric Humidor?

If you’re looking for an electric humidor for your home or office, you’ve probably seen several brands on the market. You might have heard of Redford Lite, Audew, Schmecke, Whynter, and others. But what makes them stand out from the rest? Read on to learn more. This article covers the top models from each company. It may even help you decide which brand to choose.

Redford Lite

The Redford Lite electric humidor has many benefits over traditional humidors. Unlike regular humidors, it has a digital climate and humidity control system. It has a built-in electronic humidification system, as well as an adjustable hygrometer calibration, which allows you to control the humidity and temperature. This unit even comes with a key set and lock. You’ll be happy to know that your cigars will remain safe and sound in a climate-controlled humidor for years to come.

The Redford Lite electric cigar humidor has a smaller footprint than its counterpart. It stands 52 inches tall, but has a wider room for holding cigars. It is the perfect size for a small room, while the Remington Lite humidor cabinet has a larger, more spacious interior. There are several features to consider when choosing an electric humidor. Here are a few of the key features of both.


An Audew best electric humidors has many advantages over a traditional one. For one thing, it gives the user the ability to control the temperature of their cigars. The ability to adjust the temperature allows you to preserve the perfect cigar-smoking experience for you. A humidifier is also helpful for storing cigars of different sizes, and a cooler will allow you to keep the temperature of your cigars adjustable.

Another great feature of this humidor is that it has a temperature gauge. It shows the current interior temperature in Fahrenheit. This way, you know if the cigars are being stored at the right temperature. For instance, if the temperature is 81 degrees outside, but 54 degrees inside, you’ll know it’s not warm enough. The buttons are light, making them easy to operate. And with temperature control, it’s easy to keep a cigar’s moisture content low.


If you’re an avid cigar smoker, you’ve probably considered buying a Schmecke electric humidor. The company offers a variety of models, from small kitchen appliances like electric wine bottle openers to wine cellars. Most of their products have good customer reviews, so you can feel confident buying one from this brand. If you want a more precise reading, you can use a separate digital hygrometer.

Designed to hold up to 4,000 cigars, this large humidor features airtight construction and precise humidity controls. The airtight construction prevents cigar beetle development. It also features a Whisper-Quezer cooling system and a built-in hygrometer. Whether you want to store a few or thousands, this humidor has all the features you need for a great cigar experience.


When it comes to buying an electric humidor, why not go with a Whynter model? These humidors have the best features, including an hygrometer and glass door. These humidors also feature a high-powered fan for optimal circulation of air throughout the cabinet. They can be a little noisy, but this is a price worth paying to ensure your cigars remain fresh.

The Whynter CHC-172BD humidifier keeps cigars within an ideal humidity range of 62%-75%. Moreover, it features a thermoelectric cooling system that discourages pests from feeding on the leaves. In addition, a humidification tray helps you monitor the humidity level. Another important feature of a humidification unit is the presence of an analog hygrometer. This feature is useful for those who love to smoke.

Prestige Import Group

The Prestige Import Group’s Reagan cabinet humidor is a solid choice if you’re looking for the right electric humidor for your home. It features a dark mahogany finish, three shelves, two humidifiers, and an adjustable hygrometer. Other great features include a lock and key set, a 360-degree view of your cigar collection, and a dehumidification system. This humidor is also made of high-quality materials.

If you’re looking for an elegant humidor, you can’t go wrong with the Prestige Monte Carlo. Its stainless steel exterior and tempered glass interior have an elegant feel. It also has an internal thermoelectric cooling system that regulates the humidity level. This humidifier comes with a hygrometer and an easy-to-use electronic control panel. It also comes with a locking mechanism and a gold tassel for added style.

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