Know Everything About How To Play IPL Fantasy League

In recent years, IPL has become one of the most celebrated cricket leagues in the world. IPL fantasy league is a game that allows fans to create their own teams of players and compete against others for points based on their players’ real-life performance. Here are a few tips on how to play this game and have a chance to win some prizes.

How to start 

First, sign up for an account on one of the many websites that offer IPL fantasy league games. Then, select your team of 11 players from the list of available players. Each player has a designated price tag, so make sure to choose wisely! Points are awarded for various achievements during the tournament, such as runs scored, wickets taken, and so on. Be sure to keep track of your team’s progress throughout the tournament and make changes accordingly. 

Choose your team wisely

If you’re not familiar with how to play the IPL fantasy league, now is your chance to learn everything there is to know about this exciting and lucrative format. Selecting a good team is crucial to winning the game. If you are new to fantasy cricket, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you choose your team wisely and win your league.

It is important to understand the rules of the game. The IPL fantasy league has similar rules to other fantasy leagues. Each team has a budget of 100 credits, and you must pick 11 players – a captain, vice-captain, wicketkeeper, and 7 other players. The players are classified into 3 categories – batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. You must select at least 1 player from each category.

Also, you need to do your research on the players. Look at their recent form and match predictions. You must select players from the teams that you think will perform well in the IPL. You can also pick players who are a part of a particular team, as this may increase their performance. 

The IPL is a long tournament with many games, so don’t pick a team just because it has players you like. Think about who would be the best fit for your squad and draft accordingly. 

Captain and Vice-Captain 

The IPL Fantasy League is a great way to keep up with the cricket action while also having a chance to win some money. The best part is that you don’t have to be a cricket expert to play. There are two roles in the IPL Fantasy League that are important to understand: captain and vice-captain. 

The captain is the player who makes all the decisions for the team, while the vice-captain is the backup in case the captain cannot play. To keep track of what the captain and vice-captain are doing, one can head over to the website’s live score page. One can also see which players are performing well in the squad. 

The scoring system 

Players earn points for runs, wickets, and catch depending on their position in the batting or bowling lineup. The amount of points awarded also depends on the match situation. For example, the captain you select to be your IPL Fantasy Cricket Team’s captain will receive two times the points. The vice-captain will receive 1.5 points for his performance. Strike rate scoring is applicable only for strike rates below 70 runs per hundred balls. There are also bonus points available for players who perform well above expectations. 

Points deduction

In the IPL Fantasy League, a player’s points deduction can be a game changer. If you are not careful, it can cost you the match. Points deduction can happen due to various reasons such as team selection, innings played, and team combination. In IPL Fantasy League, the points deduction is at the discretion of the team captain. The player’s points deducted will be equal to the number of matches he/she has played in that particular match.

Use the Fantasy point system

In this game, playing in all-rounder slots ensures the most flexibility and you’ll be rewarded generously for it. Bowling and batting bonuses are great, then you have the freedom to relate either way. You can acquire up to two all-rounders per team, making it an absolute necessity. With the players who are uncapped, one is mandatory per IPLT20 team.

So, playing in an IPL fantasy league is a great way to get excitement and enjoyment out of the IPL season. It is also a great way to test your knowledge of the sport and to see how well you can predict the outcomes of the matches. To make sure you have the best experience playing in an IPL fantasy league, be sure to do your research on the players and teams involved in the tournament. 

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