What is PRINCE2 and its Advantages?

When it comes to effective project management in demanding yet controlled workplaces, one project management methodology stands out in particular: PRINCE2. You may be wondering; what exactly is the PRINCE2 project management methodology? It is a method that has gained a lot of popularity in the last 10 years and was developed to provide projects with the highest chance of success. 

The fact that more people are signing up for certifications over time is proof that the PRINCE2 methodology is effective. When businesses are looking to hire project managers and include it as a requirement on job descriptions, PRINCE2 Certification is generally a given.  

Now, let’s discuss- 

  • What is PRINCE2?  
  • PRINCE2 Certification- Advantages 
  • Conclusion 

What is PRINCE2?  

PRINCE2 offers a flexible process by which businesses may manage their projects by dividing tasks into manageable parts. An organisation can establish vital connectivity by using a shared language, coordinating operations, and providing templates and structure. 

PRINCE2 Certification- Advantages 

PRINCE2 Certification advantages are as follows-  

  • PRINCE2 is predictable It breaks projects down into stages, enabling step-by-step monitoring from the beginning of the project to its completion. As a result, the likelihood that the project would spiral out of control is drastically decreased, and it is ensured that it is moving in the right path. 
  • Using effective methods– A project can only be deemed successful if the product meets the standards that were set at the outset. Applying best practices is the best way to accomplish this, which is one of the reasons the PRINCE2 method has maintained its level of popularity. 
  • Standardisation– Using the methodology, every aspect of the project is standardised to remove any chance of misconceptions or diversion. It guarantees that everyone involved in the project is aware of what needs to be done and by when, thanks to the common PRINCE2 terminology, a standardised reporting procedure, and standard documentation. 
  • Cost and time-efficient– Because of the aforementioned standardisation, training new employees who are already familiar with the PRINCE2 methodology is less expensive and time-consuming. It takes less time to uncover risks because they will be discussed from the beginning of the project, and if an unexpected risk does emerge, it can be dealt with promptly as one project stage concludes and the next one begins. 
  • Tested and proven– When this approach is modified, input from project management professionals from around the world is taken into account to ensure that it doesn’t diverge from lessons learned by people who are well-versed in the project management industry. 
  • The fact that PRINCE2 has been around for 30 years and is currently in use in more than 50 countries worldwide is proof of its continued popularity. It is used in every industry and is acknowledged as the standard by which all other project management techniques are measured. 


Elevate your career by learning more about the PRINCE2 methodology and honing your project management abilities with PRINCE2 certification training. However, only obtaining the certification is insufficient. To prepare for the types of questions that might be asked: Reviewing PRINCE2 Interview Questions can give you an idea of the types of questions that might be asked during an interview for a Prince2 position. This can help you to better prepare and feel more confident during the interview.

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