The whole medical system collapsed in Afghanistan Why?

Afghanistan an Asian country which was ruled by the Afghanistan government but now The Taliban takes charge to operate the government. The environment was war like for few years but everything is stable now but some problem arise over the country specially in the medical sector. WHOidentify some reasons behind the problem.

The reasons are denoting below with the explanation-

  1. Economic Crisis

First of all the economic condition is not good. People don’t have enough money to manage their livelihood.They don’t have work to earn money.In this situation they are leading a miserable life.

  1. COVID-19 Situation

This is the major reason why the medical sector has collapsed. One side the Covid-19 is spreading tremendously and the Taliban government are in disastrous. They are thinking how could they solve the problem. The number of patients are rising day by day.

  1. Medicine Shortage

As Afghanistanwas an war-path so the medicine Shortage is common here. That is why the Taliban government are facing a great problem to manage the medicine. They can’t go for a deal to import medicine from others and can’t go through the production just for shortage of rawmaterials needed to produce medicine.

  1. COVID-19 vaccine challenge

It is challenging to manage the vaccine for the large number of population here. It is also a major reason.

These are the reason why Taliban’s medial sector is going to be collapsed. But we hope Taliban government will overcome this problem very soon.

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