HFM Bonus Scheme And Trading Activity

Are you a Forex trader looking for an edge in the markets? If so, then you may want to find the brokerage company that fits you and will help you in making profitable deals. 

One of the best options for you can be choosing the HFM. The brokerage company has gained prominence among forex traders in recent years as a reliable and reputable choice.

Let’s take a closer look at its activity and the trading conditions it offers to traders. 

The introduction to HFM

HFM (formerly known as HotForex) is a multi-asset regulated and licensed global broker, providing trading tools and services for investment products.

The brokerage company offers CFDs trading services with a choice of 5 account types and 13 trading platforms. The spreads are usually EUR USD 0.1, and it also has unrestricted liquidity. This means that any size or profile trader can choose between various spreads and liquidity providers via automated trading platforms and perform any strategy, including news trading.

The advantages HFM offers include:

  • low fees
  • low first deposit
  • high data protection 
  • multiple languages
  • great customer service
  • excellent bonus scheme

HFM bonus scheme

Trading with bonuses can give a boost to your account. Let’s figure out the bonus conditions HFM offers to its clients.

The brokerage company suggests 100% supercharged and credit bonuses and a 30% rescue bonus. How can they be helpful?

  • Bonuses can rise the account leverage
  • It makes the stop-out level on cash as zero
  • Gives a relaxed time limit to complete the volume requirements

and which is the most important:

  • Bonus can be withdrawn if volume requests are met.

HFM fees and spreads

HFM offers some of the most competitive spread opportunities in the industry, but it is important to be aware of additional fees that may apply. The brokerage company has some of the tightest spreads offered overall, with costs starting from 0 pips on certain accounts. However, be sure to check for any withdrawal or deposit fees before signing up.

HFM fees are transparent and easy to calculate, regardless of your trading level. There is only one charge – the variable spread – and HFM does not offer fixed spreads. This makes it a very seamless experience for traders, with no additional fees or commissions to worry about. 

The leverage

There are 2 types of leverage available for HFM clients: fixed and floating. Leverage can be a very useful tool, especially for smaller traders who want to increase their potential profits. HFM offers various leverage levels, which can be seen as a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. Modest ratios of 1:30 are available for forex instruments, while more extreme options such as 1:1000 are offered via the international branch.  


Now you know that when you’re trading with HFM, you’re doing so with a company that has your best interests at heart. The bonus scheme and all trading conditions are designed to help support the clients and ensure that they are able to benefit from their experience with HFM. 

Trust HFM as one of the industry leaders to give you the best possible chance at making profitable trades.

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