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VALR is a cryptocurrency broker and exchange with headquarters in South Africa. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are just a few of the 60+ popular cryptocurrency tokens that users may purchase, sell and trade.

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What is VALR?

A cryptocurrency exchange with a South African registration is called VALR. It started functioning in March 2019. On December 29, 2020, the company informed its consumers that it had grown to become “one of the major trading platforms in South Africa” with close to 100,000 users.

It advertises itself as an exchange for “everyone,” i.e., whether you are a seasoned trader or a novice. The more sophisticated tools that some professional traders need are also offered here, and beginners can use simpler interfaces that are simple to comprehend.

Brokers offer a selection of trading accounts or provide one account with specific trading parameters that attract different traders based on their requirements and goals for trading.

Account Types:

Different brokers will provide different traders with different numbers and kinds of accounts. That’s why traders must be aware of their trading requirements and goals and why, among other things, they should select a broker following those considerations.

A personal cryptocurrency wallet can only finance one primary account type. Users can also make subaccounts. You can set up additional subaccounts in addition to your main VALR account. You may utilise them to organise and then use your money in many manners.

The several applications of VALR subaccounts include:

  • For your long-term investments, set up a HODL subaccount.
  • Set up money for the future of your young Valrian.
  • Sort your tokens according to their use, position dimension, and more.

Exchange Trading Fees:

The maker-and-taker mechanism splits the exchange trading fees for seasoned traders. A tiny charge of 0.01% (which they pay) will be delivered to traders who add liquidity to VALR’s order form for employing limit requests. A 0.1% fee is charged for eliminating liquidity by implementing market orders. Additionally, VALR provides trading cost reductions of up to 15% for introducing the exchange to two or more fresh users.

The trading charges are affordable compared to the best cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance and KuCoin. Due to the reduced trading volume and liquidity on VALR’s affiliate, Bittrex, the spread charge is slightly higher on VALR than on these exchanges.

Customer Support:

A crypto exchange geared toward assisting new users in getting started with digital currencies must offer a variety of ways for individuals to contact one another. Facebook and Twitter are among the social media platforms provided on the VALR site. Furthermore, the exchange offers something other than web chat, personal email, phone support, or Telegram support around the clock.

A comprehensive Help Centre provided by VALR addresses the bulk of subjects and repeatedly asks for issues. To submit a support issue, there is also a ticketing system. Customer support might be enhanced to help novice cryptocurrency investors navigate the platform and offer support for diagnosing problems.

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